Dekor from a wood , metal and fire . Not alike on other, our style !

Furniture ( mebli ) from a natural wood and architectural forms, production of wares from natural wood (center-beaded board, squared fal'sh-beam, board ), forged wares, forging, stoves and fire-places .

Enterprise with TM Decor-wood - one from the leaders of the domestic Ukrainian furniture market from the array of wood ,wares from a wood and forged wares after individual projects and orders , stoves and fire-places . Experience, design, quality is supported 11-years-old practice of furniture production and production of the forged wares, approach in planning and design, modern technical providing of production

At the sources of our success is a collaboration with designers the brothers of Romanyshyn - founders of project-creative group "Veres".

Make furniture for Your lifestyle, ONLY FOR YOU . Main principle is creative approach, non-standard decisions, high quality . Our furniture and dekor from a wood and metal will help you to do the individual style, which most answers your estetic senses and will become embodiment of dream about beauty, and comfort .

We offer design of fire-places and stoves, favour from a production ( production of tile and marble ), setting and maintenance of fire-places and stoves.
We offer the design of fire-places and stoves on with numerous possibilities for building and integration in an interior, that is an optimum decision and individual going near fire-place products on all tastes and styles . WE REALIZED ETERNAL UNITY IN DEKOR - WOOD, METAL AND FIRE !

Suggestions for joint work : furniture salons, point-of-sale organizaqtion , build, project, companies of disign , studios and workshops of design . Delivery and editing in any region of Ukraine, Europe and countries of former Union .

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